Yep We know you've been asking for it and the wait is over. Sweet Delicious and amazing. Let's meet our lineup



Inappropriate Pear ELiquid

You know how you see that one person at the beach that should never be in a bathing suit? That's a human version of Inappropriate Pear. Just sittin' there, and lettin' in all hang out and they don't even care. This crisp and refreshing eliquid is sweet and just a little bit nasty. You can't be arrested for enjoying it but it feels like maybe you should be. 



Kawiwi ELiquid

Meet Kawiwi- This unholy marriage of Kiwi, Watermelon will make you question your values and molest your #uvula. 

( And it's also really, really fun to say. C'mon, try it. Kawiwi. Right? Makes us feel better too.) For topical use only.



Unicorn Tears ELiquid

The hopes, dreams and sweet, sweet tears of organic Colorado unicorns are harvested and infused with our proprietary juice to create a delicious, shuddering pulmogasm of flavor, rainbows, and awesomeness.



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