Building this trailer was more than just a weekend lark.

Several months and a lot of effort from myself and some great friends. Without them, in fact, this would not have been nearly as good. 

It's a good thing to have a plan...
Inner frame is done, now to mount the suspension and axles.
Creating the quarter moon corner piece mold positives
Creating the mold positive for the entryway.
Smoothing out the profiles for the corner mold positive.
Finishing up the frame. At this point, the frame is around 350lbs and getting tougher to move.
My dear friend George, showing me how to properly build a loom and to curse like a syphylitic sailer with Tourette's syndrome.
After mounting the axle and wheels, the deck is fitted to the frame.
Deck is profiled and prepared for the cab construction.
Starting the frame build, and starting to see a trailer take form.
Attaching the roof frame and tying it together.
Prepping the positives to cast the molds with 5 coats of wax and polished for what seemed like days.
Prepping the fabric for the first layer of glass.
First couple of coats of chop mat over tooling gel coat.
Looks like the mold will make an accurate part.
Now to actually make the parts. Wax and polish then apply mold release.
More polishing and mold release with flange dams
First layer of fabric on the entryway part.
Test fitting the sign and creating the armature
Sign armature is built. This will minimize damaging the sign while transporting.
Sweaty, dirty and loving it.
Skinning the cab and test fitting the corner parts.
Entry way is complete and ready for mounting.
All the corner pieces are now mounted and fitted, and the sking is complete. 1/32" was the largest space between panels that I was willing to settle for.
After installing the electical system, wiring, interior lighting and sign electornics, it's really looking pretty awesome and Blade Runner-ish.
Inspected, plated and ready to roll!