In the interest of presenting a united front and refuting the flood of lies and misinformation from both government and media, members of the vaping industry and those who vape should agree on a list of factual assertions that we require government, media and citizens to openly acknowledge and support. All of the demands which follow are factual in every way and substantiated by generally accepted scientific study and methodologies, or, if a subjective assertion, based on widely accepted social contract.

We hereby demand total agreement with the following factual assertions:


1. Vaping is not smoking. Vaping is the vaporization of a water-soluble glycol medium which contains flavorings, nicotine salts or CBD (Cannabidiol).

2. Smoking is the inhalation of particulates and smoke created from the combustion of carcinogenic tobacco and other chemicals and or compounds.

3. The word(s) vaping, vape, vapor shall refer only to the vaporization and subsequent inhalation of non-toxic, safe, approved ingredients. Proplylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine, food flavorings, nicotine salts and Farm Bill Compliant/Hemp-derived CBDs ( Cannabidiol )THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol ) or related Cannabis-based organic compounds. All other additives shall be classified as contaminants or adulterants and may not be referred to as vaping.

4. Vitamin E Acetate, and all other harmful, lipid-based substrates shall be termed as either adulterant or contaminants and as such, may not be referred to as "vape", "eliquid", "ejuice" or any other term commonly used to describe elements of the legitimate and safe inhalant, nor the action of vaping.


5. Deaths or sicknesses that have resulted from the use of lipid-based adulterants are in no way the responsibility of legal and responsible E-liquid manufacturers or sellers. Further we require acknowledgement of the fact that no deaths have ever resulted from the accepted use of the aforementioned legitimate products or mediums.

6. Legal, consumer-grade vaping products are not responsible for death or sickness arising from the illicit and illegal consumption of lipid-based adulterants introduced into legally produced e-liquid substrates or mediums.

7. Vaping is an effective and safe methodology for smoking cessation. Further, we require the acknowledgement that vaping is a more effective cessation methodology than existing FDA approved and sanctioned products or methodologies.

8. Second-hand exposure to vapor is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and represents no hazard for proximate persons or animals.

9. Vaping does not function as a common vector to subsequent tobacco use.

 Pre-existing and Foreign Scientific Study

10. The Scientific Method is agnostic. Therefore the United States government shall acknowledge the legitimacy and integrity of foreign study, in particular, but not limited to, studies performed by the Royal College of Physicians and the resulting summary announcements from Public Health England, in addition to similar study conducted by other nations which directly or indirectly negate all deliberately fallacious and prejudiced findings presented by the United States government and those in its employment.

Underage Use and Possession

11. We agree wholeheartedly that only responsible adults should have access to or use of, vapes. Access and sale of the aforementioned products shall be limited to Adults over the age of consent in their locality.


Conflicts of Interest and Public Servants

12. We demand the immediate and total divestiture of all tobacco, pharmaceutical and vape related stocks, bonds annuities, partnerships and partial or complete ownership of directly or similarly related investments by public officials. Most notably Michael Bloomberg's $160 Million dollar investment in the newly FDA approved IQOS. Bloomberg has deliberately conspired to defame de-legitimize the vaping industry in an effort to benefit himself only, and in direct opposition to the concerns of public health and well-being.

 This is of course a first draft. Please feel free to point out any glaring or subtle omissions.