My open letter to the New York Times follows.


This topic relates to substantial and deliberate errors on the part of your reporters and editors, and what appears to be an attempt at social manipulation, rather than factual reporting. Therefore I address all  parties ostensibly in charge of correcting this disservice to your readers.

Over the past 6 months and even longer, I have watched with dismay as the fourth estate- including yourselves- have vilified and branded vaping as a social scourge for no good reason. News outlets like yours have misrepresented, obfuscated and lied on every point and continue to willingly ignore solid statistical data in favor of political ass-kissery.  Broad brush strokes that fulfill someone else’s agenda while failing to accurately portray one of the most important life-saving social movements of our time. Further, this red journalism has shattered the lives of millions who depend on the vape industry for income as well as the millions who depend on vaping as an effective method for cessation.

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The past year has been a constant and unremitting stream of manufactured headlines vilifying vaping. This has been a campaign created by the very government agencies responsible for protecting us. These agencies proclaim half-truths, misinformation and bald-faced lies in the total absence of scientific fact, and do so while totally ignoring real, meaningful problems.

The media have become a mindless echo chamber of this campaign of fear-mongering, ignoring actual data in favor of the FDA's campaign of outright lies and gerrymandering.

What are the facts then?

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